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Beinart gallery, Melbourne

'Ephemera' installation view, 2018
Photo by Alexander Mitchell

Ephemera :
Things That exist or are only used or enjoyed for a short period of time

Through Ephemera series, Kim Hyunji attempted to explore notions of the temporal, the fleeting disarray and moments of pure euphoria, as achieved briefly through the use of drugs. The Paintings capture their subjects in singular states of intense self-reflection and exaltation, still in the midst attached to their utensils and tools used to enter a state of absence of mind. The works ability to convey what cannot be described or captured in those long seconds in between thought and action. The attuned reality of the compositions paired with Kim’s sense of expressive abstraction evokes sentiments permeated through millennial’s culture of anxiety, and disarray a thematic element underlying Kim’s practice.

Reflection with Lines, 61 x 41cm, Oil on Canvas, 2018