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Steal II, Mixed Media on Canvas, 140 x 193 cm, 2016

Steal I, Mixed Media on Canvas, 310 x 193 cm, 2016

Steal is a group show that celebrates the ideas of other painters, even, yes, pinching them.  This is a time-honoured tradition - it links with the past and other artists, acknowledging them as sources of regeneration and growth for contemporary work.
The ten Perth painters in this exhibition range from established to emerging: 
George Haynes, Ben Joel, Bec Juniper, Lesley Munro, Tori Benz, Melanie Dare, Ian Williams, Jarrad Martyn and Kim Kim Kim.
Anna Sabadini, the curator, as well as a participating artist, has invited them to nick ideas (formal or conceptual) from others in order to develop, challenge, or renew their own practices.

Steal, Linton & Kay Gallery, 2016

- I have borrowed the ethos of Saville’s Oxyrhynchus series for this work;
that the appearance of figure can be left open in various states of process by monumental disunity. My usual engagement with photorealism has been withheld, with my focus shifting to the chronicle of significant individual mark-makings in the discovery of modes of multicultural representation. With race and the perception of gendered form as a thematic, I have engaged avenues in negative and positive space, depth, and layering. The fragmentation of form, by the presence of human process, is uncertain in its reading and attempts to denounce fixed ideas on composition.